Wide-Ranging Inventory

Our immense inventory of loose mined and lab grown diamonds, ranging from 0.005-10+cts, supplies you with the goods you need to thrive. Our preset and custom request jewelry fills in the gaps where and when you need it most. Register with us for 24/7 live inventory access.

Loose Diamond Inventory offerings:

  • 6,000+ loose mined and lab grown diamonds above 0.50cts listed LIVE on our website
  • Diamond Sizes ranging from 0.005ct to 10.0ct+
  • Custom cutting capabilities and unique shapes
  • Fancy color and fancy shape melee

Preset Lab Grown Jewelry:

  • 3 or 4-prong Studs
  • Inside Out Hoop Earrings
  • Diamond Bands – eternity, 5-stone or 7-stone
  • Tennis and bangle bracelets

Customer Service and Support

JAS Diamonds prides ourselves on providing you with fast and reliable responses and supplying the right type and number of diamonds for your appointments. It’s rare that we do not have what you are looking for!

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest:

  • Long Term Memo programs
  • Providing multiple diamonds to meet your call. We know 1 won’t
    always make the sale
  • Reliable service: If we don’t have it, we can usually get it
  • Custom Lab Grown Diamond Cutting: If we can’t find it, we can
    usually cut it
  • Custom Lab Grown Jewelry: Preset and made to order
  • Open Saturdays for inquiries

Jas Selection Process

  • Pre-Selection Review list of diamonds from growers by certificates and videos for in-person selection
  • ViewingJAS Team analyzes each stone for make, color, clarity, tinge and proper measurements
  • Final Selection2nd round of screening by Ashish to purchase and ensure only cream of the corp stones enter JAS inventory

Our Inventory


  • Largest Inventory in the Midwest with over 6,000 stones all in the US!
  • Over 100 stones above 5cts


  • Fantastic Makes
  • No Tinge or BGM
  • Minimal Bow-Tie
  • No Crushed Ice

Following Trends

  • Trending Ratios in elongated shapes
  • Ovals, Radiant and Emeralds 1.40-1.55 and above
  • Elongated Cushions 1.20-1.39


  • GIA, GCAL and IGI Shapes like Antique Cushion,
  • Old Miners, Old Euros, Rose Cuts

More About Jas


  • Priority shipping until 6pm central.
  • Urgent requests until 8pm
  • Drop shipping


  • 25+ people on staff
  • Saturday office hours
  • Weekend Sales Team
  • Sales Staff with experience in retail, manufacturing and production

Short Term Memos

  • 3 to 5 diamonds per call
  • No follow ups until 14 days
  • No shipping charges for sold items

Special Services

  • Hand, Tweezer, Shade card videos
  • Quality inspection
  • Custom cutting